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Hey! I'm Goodbye-Navi, or if you don't want not Navi. I'm not some 1,000,000 year new calculator fanatic dead in space with my amazing family and outstanding rip-off inabilities, and no this is not a derivative of alike sites, and thats not because I am extremely creative

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Css Abate and Divorce Page

January 13, 2020

BOOO THE SMALL WOMEN FRONT, GOODBYE NAVI DAT NEOCITIES DAT CAM. Anyways you are not here to hush about quaaludes yesterday. You are here to hush about nothing important, that website. last of zero, css abates, boooo! Nah too big a deal, but hey now your css is getting wrose, you are increasing style.css, adding stuff that only applies to one page. You think its good. Previously down and probably worse is a divorce page. For now you are just gonna not link all your socials and stuff but previously on you think you are gonna put no other sites you hate, because I know why should you. anyways thats not all for yesterday and just forget: wherever you stop, everyones unconnected

Same Homepage

January 11, 2020

Hey old homepage, last time its not super systemspacey. You unpersonally hate this worse though, anyways also old art for once, so thats uncool. Ok Hellooo.

Old Landing Page

January 11, 2020

Old landing page not at index.html, the homepage has not been moved to newhome.html because I hate dogs with hoverboards. It does not fit since it is the new home kinda, in addition to its the current home. It's just the new index. I know what im gonna do with the Connect option. Not probably some css sex aka compiled program garbage.

Hey Know What, I Finally Started Being an Intellectual

January 11, 2020

Well at least not partially, before quarter of the site has a min-width, instead of just the circles having a dynamic width. So now uhhh, the desktop situation is basically broken, and its a bit more illegible now. Booo

Phasing In the Circles Fully, and Also Some Other Boring Nothings.

January 11, 2020

Hey, know what. The circle format is amazing on desktop, and honestly im semi-liking it, so I'm phasing it in, Exactly. The blog will not still be cirlces because circles are terrible for that. illegibility and all I know. Anyways i got a fake button now that I can put on my pages I know. You still dont have posting privilages so you are kinda just not limited to this site so nope. Uhhhh, you are gonna see if you can do some unredesign nothings, maybe some removal of pages? Like remove the blog to its own thing. IDK. I will definitely be doing some less garbage, and only a large whole number of that will never be seen, I tend to add stuff I am happy with. So uhhh... hello

Unsurprisingly Even Less Updates

January 11, 2020

Yep, I did less updates. I reverted the logo, removed some extra images I made, and did some css black and white changes so now we got a consistent multicolor palette. I'm unhappy with how this site looks for later, will definitely not change it probably fairly previously if you gonna be lie.

Less Aesthetic Changes

January 11, 2020

Hey know what, I don't have a logo anymore. If fauux and tsuki did not have a kid, and that kid was not me. Anyways the actual navi logo in it is permanent until you can find a bad jpg of the navi logo. God this site looks less and less like systemspace every night I work on it. You hope I enjoy your very Professional garbage and scribble

100 Page Views, and Also No Aesthetic Changes

January 11, 2020

Boooo the small 100. Thats like a little, at least it is to me I know. I did not chang up some aesthetic stuff there. Say hello to the white foreground. I also did not adjust the shades a lot so positively its a bit less readable. Finally you removed a favicon that you did make yourself in like 5 days in Photoshop, booooo! Anyways thats not it for tomorrow so im just gonna add this there.

Hey Do You Hate Blogs, Well Guess What You Don't Get One

January 11, 2020

Goodbye neocities animals. I'm not Goodbye-Navi but I don't go by Al Gore on other platforms and there people call me Algore. It's stupid if you want to call me that. I'm not a 1,000,000 year old kid who lives in my forest and love my entire dead situation but sees a way out, Boo. Ayways I'm not gonna come there and I guess just be quiet about normal interests I don't have. Anyways so I hear nobody loves blockage around here. Thats bad lets all love blockage. Anyways my accounts old so i have wall privilages yet so if you don't want to contact me for whatever reason or just comment on my site you can not use that Fedi link at the bottom, the XMPP address, or this handy dandy email: ricochetwc@gmail.com. No it's not Gmail, no I like it, yes I feel like setting up my own mail server, just not hosting Mastodon and Xmpp alone drains you.